JC STUDIOS, a video and web production company in Yokohama

We are a video & photo production, website development company based IN Yokohama, JAPAN

JC Studios' business areas are commercial and web videos, music video production, bridal events, photography, web production, app development, and DTP. We engage in creative activities as a solution partner by responding to various issues related to advertising in response to changes in the times, such as expression, quality, and cost. We specialize in supporting overseas productions and filming in Japan.


What We Do


We are a production company that comprehensively handles everything from planning, interviewing, filming, recording, and editing. We also produce high-quality videos such as TV commercials, web commercials, PR videos, tourism videos, wedding story videos, interview videos, and and other related production.


We design and develop websites as well as operational management. With the motto of creating effective and valuable homepages, we provide thorough support for personal sites, corporate sites, and shopping sites. We also handle designs both in Japan and overseas.


We are a company that manages SNS account from all major services (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube). We have extensive experience managing domestic and overseas corporate accounts. From initial account opening to operation support, from photography to editing, we propose measures suitable for the client's issues, such as advertising operations and growth.


We respond to a wide range of desktop publishing and graphic design requests, such as business cards, product catalogs, flyers/brochures, posters, tickets, free papers and mass printing as well. English designs are also available.


We have a track record of producing over 100 high-quality videos and videos.
PR videos, product and service introductions, recruitment videos, manual videos, company introduction videos, interview videos, etc. can be used as a reference for each purpose.
Please feel free to contact us as we can introduce video production/video production examples and achievements tailored to your industry, budget, and purpose.

brands and clients

JC STUDIOS has a wide range of experience working with tourist bureaus, embassies,
news and television stations, business and corporate clients, both domestically and internationally.

Visa, Marugame Udon, SolarEdge Technologies, AutoStore, Click2View, JETRO, BBC News Asia, Matsui Whisky, 7Bank, MetroRemittance, Philippine Embassy, Philippines ( Department of Agriculture, Department of Tourism, Department of Defense), Embassy of Tanzania, LIM, Apteq, Sasuga Group, Doppo, Sugoruku Inc., Yokohama Christian School, ABS-CBN TFC, GMA News, Apricot Kids, UMWD, Suyen Corp.


Company Details
Company Name株式会社 JC Studios (英文表記: JC Studios Inc.)
Established2013年12月CEOJason Conde
Capital3,000,000 YenStaff6 (Including part time)
Address〒227-0053 Kanagawa, Yokohama, Aoba-ku Satsukigaoka 8-19
Tel no.045-973-3753
Main BusinessPhoto・Video Production
Wedding and Events Coverage
Website Design and Development
DTP and Branding
BankMitsubishi UFJ Bank - Aobadai